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Teenage Coaching

We had tried counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy but nothing seemed to help and things began to spiral out of control. My lovely young son began to talk about suicide and started to self-harm, he was so unhappy and there seemed  nothing we could do to help him. it was heart-breaking watching him struggle.

A serendipitous conversation with a friend resulted in me contacting I-Lan Coaching. We knew very little about coaching but wanted to give it a try as nothing else had helped. When I met I-Lan I was impressed by how friendly and warm she was and I knew instinctively that my son was in safe hands. I-Lan helped my son to realise that what he was feeling emotionally was not abnormal and that there was nothing ‘wrong’ with him. Most importantly she provided him with the tools to enable him to cope in the situations that he found so difficult.

Over the period of time that my son’s sessions with I-Lan continued we saw him change from a teenager in considerable pain with few friends and no social life to a young man exploring new friendships, socialising and at last beginning to enjoy his life. 

I really do feel that I-Lan saved my family as life had become very bleak for my son and his anguish was percolating through all aspects of our family life and we had all begun to free fall into despair. It frightens me to think of what might have happened if we hadn’t found this amazing lifeline. I will forever be immensely grateful to I-Lan for all the help she gave my son.

Parent, Stroud 


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