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Young Adult Coaching

I had four coaching sessions with I-Lan during my summer holidays before returning to university. Although I always had a clear goal in my head from an early age, I have found over the years that I always allowed hurdles to hinder my success and prevent me from reaching my full potential. Working with I-Lan taught me what I originally thought was impossible – to look at obstacles in a positive light and face them with a manageable approach.  

I-Lan taught me to let go of worries from the past that were hindering my everyday life, and actually live for the present. After all, however hard we try, the past cannot be changed, but I-Lan taught me that by using the present you can change your perception of the past to shape your future in a way you truly wish to.

Even after the first session, I felt a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I couldn't believe how one person could guide me so clearly through problems I originally felt were impossible to face. I felt 100% confident talking to I-Lan from the first minute I met her as she is so friendly, open and understanding. I wish I had found out about this coaching years ago as it would have saved me a lot of unnecessary stress, worry and confusion in my life! I could not be more happy with the positive impact life coaching has had for me and highly recommend I-Lan to anyone who wants to live their life to the full.

Gabi Clark, Gloucester


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