Parent support

Parent Support

Parenting can be extremely tough and challenging at the best of times but is also arguably the most important and rewarding role you will ever have. It is my belief that parents of today are faced with more difficulties and challenges than ever before. This is partly due to the way our society has changed giving us ever more choice and opportunities. The rapid advancement of technology ensures we are never far away from advertising, marketing and conflicting advice to confuse us and undermine our ability to make sound judgments and instinctive decisions of how we raise our children.

The evolution of technology and the abundance of choice come at a price. Increasing work load and commitments, social pressure and expectations are common place. A chronic lack of time, while juggling too many priorities and lifestyle demands, coupled with a lack of sleep, further contribute to the uphill struggle that many parents are confronted with today.

In my experience, many parents will at some point feel overwhelmed, isolated or stressed, not knowing where to go to find the right kind of support and encouragement. Through coaching your stress levels will be reduced and your energy boosted so that you can get the maximum enjoyment from your family and working life!

Parent coaching aims to:

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