'Coaching with I-Lan has helped me define my goals, explore obstacles and break them down into more manageable ‘stepping stone’ tasks. I am taking control and moving forwards rather than drifting along in a circle of indecision and inaction. I feel empowered!'
Kate, Stroud

'I-Lan's coaching has been a defining point in my life! I no longer look for excuses to avoid reaching my goals. I-Lan has opened my mind and I am now armed with all the tools I've always had but never realised. I can't recommend her enough.'
Martin, London

'Coaching with I-Lan has given me a new zest for life. I feel excited and want to get on and do things. I feel like a new person! I’m still learning and I don’t want it to stop.'
Christine, Stroud

'When I first met I-Lan I was a reserved, insecure and self-doubting teenager who had no self-belief. However, with I-Lan’s support and guidance she has helped me become more confident and taught me strategies to deal with my problems.'
Hanna, Stroud

'I feel so uplifted and optimistic about my studies and life in general! It is really incredible how much of a change I am feeling through my session with I-Lan and I just want to say thank you so much for coaching me back to myself.'

'I-Lan's warm, open, friendly approach creates a positive environment in which people can explore their goals and set realistic challenges for themselves. I have been impressed with how she has enabled young people, some with complex issues, to take positive steps forward.'
Julie, Gloucester and Forest Pupil Referral Service

'I-Lan has such a wonderful manner with the pupils that they always look forward to her sessions. My class gained so much from her sessions and would often talk about the sessions many weeks later. I highly recommend her.'
Lucie, Senior Teacher, Bisley Blue Coat CE Primary School, Stroud

'I-Lan has facilitated various learning events on behalf of Workplace Options, both onsite and online, covering a wide range of topics including stress management, resiliency, work-life balance and parenting. At all times I have found her to be accommodating, reliable and professional. She delivers high quality training and it is with great pleasure that I can recommend her services.'
Joanna, Global Training Specialist, Workplace Options London


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